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More savings on great-value Metro ticket with a Direct Debit offer

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In the new year West Midlands Metro (WMM) will be offering customers more opportunities to receive better value!  Those who switch to paying by direct debit are set to make even greater savings on what is already one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to pay for their travel.

By signing up to an adult all zones Metro Only Direct Debit Monthly Pass between January and March 2023, they can enjoy a £10 discount for their first two months, on what is already a fantastic money-saving offer.

Michael Reading-Skilton, WMM Commercial Manager, explained: “The Direct Debit offer already represents a significant discount, when compared with a standard day ticket, customers are only charged for the first 12 days of travel in any month. Effectively, the rest of the month is free!

“When paid for by direct debit, the pass usually costs £75.60, but anyone who signs up between January 3rd and March 31st only has to pay £65.60 per month for the first two months.”

The offer has been introduced to encourage more people to discover the convenience of travelling by tram and to help save a few pounds as other living costs continue to rise.

“For anyone who uses the network regularly, signing up for a direct debit can be a great way of helping to plan their finances, and by taking advantage of this offer they can make even more of a saving,” Michael added.

From January 3rd 2023 you can click here to apply and start saving each month with a Metro Direct Debit.

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