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Welcome to West Midlands Metro

The region’s expanding tram network!

Our tram network is at the heart of the region and is set to become a whole lot bigger!

Over the coming years, our metro network will transform from a single line to a network that will triple in size, the expansion will see the Metro serve over 80 tram stops, connect 20 transport interchanges and link Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Dudley, Brierley Hill, Digbeth, North Solihull, Birmingham Airport, the NEC and HS2.

This will connect more customers to places across the region for work, education, and leisure.

Amidst so much growth and change we’ll continue to ensure customers remain the forefront of our plans. We will aim to deliver a safe and secure, reliable, and sustainable tram service which meets and exceeds expectation as we increase the use of West Midlands Metro’s services.

You can find out more about our expansion journey by clicking here.

Midland Metro Limited has a unique and exciting ethos and vision, to help boost growth and connectivity in the West Midlands!

We believe that working together to achieve our vision, values and behaviours is crucial and that demonstrating this to our partners and customers is a top priority.

Our behaviours are key to our day-to-day business activities, whether deciding on the best solution for a customer’s problem, facing and overcoming daily operational and maintenance challenges or discussing ideas for new projects.

MML’s behaviour commitments is to support and work together to achieve the best possible outcomes for the future and beyond.

Midland Metro Limited’s Vision

Transforming links between People, Places & Businesses

Our Values and Behaviours

● We will work with others to achieve common goals
● We are respectful and act with integrity
● We communicate clearly, openly and encourage feedback
● We share best practice with others

● We listen to our customers needs
● We respect feedback from our customers
● We deliver the outputs our customers want
● We keep customers at the core of our business decisions

● We ask questions to clarify understanding
● We summarise to check understanding
● We ask for a summary of the alternatives considered
● We agree the forum to discuss the matter

● We will implement safe working practices
● We will deliver environmentally and sustainability solutions
● We will be inclusive and develop of our people
● We will provide value for money on our Metro services

● We will improve our performance and encourage innovation
● We will drive improvements in our infrastructure delivery
● We challenge our suppliers to improve
● We deliver value for money on investments and services,
● reducing our business risk

We really are travelling towards a bigger, better future!

We’re not just aiming for BIGGER. Our expanding tram network also supports a BETTER future by helping to tackle climate change too!

Did you know that travelling by car actually produces 3 times as much CO2 as travelling by tram? (according to Defra)

We listened to environmental concerns and while parts of the world continue to increase their carbon footprint, our expansion means we will grow from a business carrying 8 million passengers per year to one that can cater for 30 million passengers!

This means less traffic on the roads, and because our trams produce no pollution at the point of use, it can also improve local air quality!

You can depend on us

Amidst so much change we’ll ensure customers remain at the forefront of our plans. Delivering a high quality, dependable and safe service that meets and exceeds expectations will be central to our ability to increase the use of West Midlands Metro’s services.



Our History

A picture of a tram at a stop
Rapid Transit for the West Midlands
Ambitious proposals for a £500 million network of ten light rail routes which would be predominantly street running, but would include some underground sections in Birmingham city centre. One of the proposed routes would have used part of the existing line as far as West Bromwich
A new light-rail scheme

In 1986, a new light-rail scheme under the name "Midland Metro" was revived with a different set of lines. The first of up to 15 lines was intended to be operating by the end of 1993, and a network of 200 kilometres was planned to be in use by 2000.

May 1999
Construction of Line 1
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Jul 2018
Metro network
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Metro network
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