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Top tips for staying safe visual

Top tips for staying safe around the tramway.

Top tips for staying safe visual

Simple tips for customers and pedestrians to help keep everyone safe around the region’s growing tram network to be launched.

Featuring eye-catching animated videos, produced by the organisation responsible for tramway safety in the UK, the initiative highlights the risks of crossing tram tracks while wearing headphones, or standing too close to the edge of the platform at stops.

Anthony Stanley, West Midlands Metro’s Head of QHSE, explains: “Although our trams are one of the safest forms of transport, the videos and social assets offer a timely reminder of simple steps customers can take to avoid any mishaps and stay safe while using our network.

“When you are out and about and wearing headphones, it’s easy to get lost in the music, but when approaching tram tracks it makes sense to take them off for a few seconds so that you can be fully aware of what’s going on around you. Of course, you should also always look both ways, and the same goes if you are on the phone!”

Using bold graphics, the ‘Be SMART around Trams’, our safety assets and videos also urge customers not to stand too close to the edge of platforms while advising wheelchair users and anyone with a pushchair or buggy to apply the brake while waiting for their tram.

“In most cases the actions highlighted in the videos are unintentional, and by raising awareness of these common behaviours we hope to further reduce the risk of more serious incidents, which are, fortunately, extremely rare,” Anthony added.

As well as being promoted on our social media platforms the videos are also available to download from our YouTube channel.

Click here to view safety page and here for safety videos.

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