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West Midlands Metro Complaints Handling Procedure

All complaints to West Midlands Metro are dealt with in accordance with our formal Complaints Handling Procedure which is set out below.

Who we are

Midland Metro Limited (MML) is the operator for the West Midlands’ tram network.  MML is a private limited company, but it is owned by the West Midlands Combined Authority.

Our responsibility is to operate and maintain the current tramway and the various extensions which will expand our network over the coming years. We are here to deliver a safe and secure, reliable, and sustainable public transport service to our passengers, and we aim to provide excellent levels of customer service.

What happens if something goes wrong?

We recognise that occasionally things may go wrong and when they do we hope you will tell us. You can contact West Midlands Metro in a number of ways. This includes by phone, email, online or by post. Our website at www.westmidlandsmetro.com provides all the details.

This Complaints Handling Procedure explains how we will respond if you need to make a complaint.

What you can expect from us

If you raise a complaint with a member of our staff, they will do all they can to resolve the problem straight away. Where this is not possible, we aim to resolve complaints within 10 working days but some investigations may take longer if we need to liaise with a third party. We will acknowledge your complaint and keep you updated on progress until the case is resolved.

To help us with our investigation, we ask that you include as much information as possible, for example.

    • Your contact details.
    • Date, time and location of incident (if applicable);
    • Copy of your ticket or proof of travel (where applicable); and
    • Any other relevant information that you can provide.

We will ensure any information you provide us is handled fairly, safely and in line with the UK’s data protection laws. Information on how we collect and handle personal data, including your rights, can be found in our privacy policy at www.westmidlandsmetro.com/gdprandcookie

Alternatively, you can request a copy by getting in touch with our customer service team.

Complaints relating to third parties

If you make a complaint which relates to a third-party supplier, we will work with the provider to investigate thoroughly the details of your complaint and co-ordinate a response accordingly. This will involve us sharing your information with the third party. Depending on the nature of the complaint, we may pass this directly to the third party, where it will be managed in accordance with their own complaints handling procedures.

What happens if you remain unhappy?

If you are not happy with the way we have resolved your complaint, you can ask for this to be reviewed by our Customer Services Manager.

In the unlikely event you are still not happy with the response from our Customer Services Manager, you can escalate your complaint to Putting Passengers First (PPF) Group.

Full details of how to contact the Putting Passengers First Group including the Terms of Reference are outlined on the following page.

Putting Passengers First Group

Terms of Reference for West Midlands Metro Complaints

Making a complaint

If a passenger has made a complaint to West Midlands Metro (MML) and is not happy with the response, a passenger can refer the complaint to the Putting Passengers First (PPF) Group. PPF is an independent group of councillors from across the West Midlands and is impartial in its handling of all complaints and issues relating to the passenger experience. The service is entirely free of charge to passengers. The group meets each month and complaints received for consideration will be issued to its members 7 days before the meeting

Role of the Putting Passengers First Group

Putting Passengers First Group will consider a range of issues presented by passengers. It can only help in cases where MML has been given the opportunity, and the time, to respond and is not able to help with fare prices: this is a matter for MML and should be taken up with them. PPF can only handle complaints on events that have taken place within the last 12 months, and if the complainant is under 16 years of age, consent of a parent or guardian is required to proceed.

The PPF Group can consider complaints regarding:

    • Service Reliability
    • Conductor/staff attitude
    • Frequency of service
    • Vehicle condition
    • Infrastructure
    • Overcrowding
    • Disability/accessibility issues
    • Ticket systems
    • Incorrect/inadequate information
    • Smoking
    • Loss or damage to luggage
    • European Passenger Rights Regulation

The PPF Group will not consider:

    • Complaints that have not been raised with MML
    • Issues that happened more than twelve months ago
    • Legal, commercial or policy decisions taken by MML
    • Complaints raised by a minor where the legal guardian has refused permission for us to act Complaints from non-passengers (pedestrians/MML staff)
    • A complaint already subject to legal action
    • Anyone who has a history of being abusive

The group will consider the facts of the case and will recommend a resolution, working with the operator and the passenger.

Any commitments agreed by MML will be monitored by the PPF Group to ensure it abides by the requirements of the decision.

Whilst PPF Group cannot enforce its decision, it is expected that MML accept the panel’s decision or recommendations.

Complainant rights

Once a complaint is registered with PPF Group, the passenger can withdraw the complaint at any point.

The passenger has the right to consult a lawyer at any point, including once the case is closed, although it isn’t necessary in order to pursue a complaint.

A resolution arrived at through this process might be different to that of a court. Attempting to resolve a complaint through PPF Group, however, is unlikely to have any legal impact on a court’s decision.

Passengers can make initial contact, in writing and register a complaint to the Putting Passengers First Group at the following address:

Putting Passengers First Group, 16 Summer Lane, Birmingham, B19 3SD

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