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West Midlands Metro Social Media Policy

We listen to people and respond to as many comments as possible with constructive feedback.

We allow negative comments while deleting ‘spam’ and seek to respond rather than censor.

We encourage thoughtful discussion, debate and differing viewpoints, with the understanding that all comments made must be civil, respectful, and appropriate for our audience. Comments that are lewd, libellous, incite violence or are otherwise hurtful or hateful speech directed at either individuals or groups, employees or the West Midlands Metro brand as a whole will be deleted, and repeated offenders banned from future posting.

We reserve the right to move or delete comments and postings that do not relate to the subject matter posted under or do not relate to our brand or our business type. Our decision to do this would always be final and no further correspondence about why this action was taken will be entered into.

All content relating to the issue of a penalty fare, or the whole penalty fares process will not be a subject for discussion on any form of social media. Correspondents who have been issued a penalty fare will always be directed to the appeals process with further information to be obtained from customer services or our website.

Any references to individual cases where a penalty fare has been issued will be removed in order to allow a full investigation to take place that is based on the factual circumstances of that case.

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