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West Midlands Metro Ticket Terms & Conditions


Travelling on West Midlands Metro with any ticketing product is in accordance with our Conditions of Carriage. Sections 6 and 7 relate to fares and ticketing and are shown below.

 Tickets and Fares

6.1 You must have a Ticket (and a Photocard if required) that is valid for the whole of the journey you are making. If you are not already in possession of a valid Ticket for your journey, you must make yourself known to, and pay the Conductor on boarding the tram. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a valid Ticket for your journey and retain that Ticket throughout the journey.

6.2    Please have the correct money ready for your Ticket if paying with cash as the Conductor carries limited change. Please note that the Conductor cannot accept £50 notes.

6.3  You must allow an Authorised Officer to examine your Ticket at any time during your journey if you are requested to do so.

6.4   Tickets are issued subject to these Conditions and in compliance with any other relevant terms and conditions published from time to time. Where your Ticket can be used to make a journey with another operator, the Conditions of Carriage of that operator shall apply to that portion of your journey.

6.5    If you intend to travel beyond your Ticket’s validity, you must pay an extra fare (for which you will be given an additional Ticket) before you reach the destination where it ceases to be valid.

6.6  All Tickets remain the property of the Company, or in the case of concessionary passes, the property of the issuing local authority. We may withdraw or cancel any Ticket or Photocard at any time. However, we will not do this without good reason.

6.7   Tickets can only be purchased from official outlets and can only be used by the person they were issued to. Unless specifically advertised, Tickets are not transferable and must not be resold or given to another person for further use. Doing so is an offence and may result in the seller/buyer being prosecuted.

6.8   The Company may at its sole discretion withdraw a Ticket if it believes that it has been intentionally misused, damaged, defaced, altered or tampered with in any way. In such circumstances, customers will not be entitled to a refund of any remaining value or Ticket validity.

6.9     If your Ticket (or photocard) is damaged to such an extent that any material marking is not clear, it will not be accepted as valid. We may at our discretion replace your Ticket/photocard providing we can confirm that it is still valid, subject to an administration fee.

6.10   Up to three (3) children under the age of five (5) can travel free provided they are accompanied by a responsible fare paying customer or pass holder.

6.11   If you are aged five to fifteen years (5–15) inclusive you may travel at child rate except where alternative arrangements are advertised. You may be required to provide proof of age.

6.12   If you are aged 16 years or over, you must pay the adult rate fare unless you are in possession of a 16-18 photocard issued by the West Midlands Combined Authority which allows eligible persons to pay a reduced fare at specified times and subject to the terms and conditions of the 16-18 Photocard Scheme.

7.0     Fare Evasion and Penalty Fares

7.1   You should not attempt to use a Ticket (or Photocard) which has:

  1. been altered or defaced;
  2. been issued for use by another person on terms that it is not transferable;
  3. expired;
  4. not been obtained by them from an official outlet or from the Conductor.

7.2 If you fail to produce a Ticket (or Photocard) when requested by an Authorised Officer or if you are travelling without a valid Ticket (or Photocard), you shall be liable to pay the Penalty Fare.

8.0 Other ticket conditions

8.1    Metro ticket zones are in operation across the West Midlands Metro network. Zone 1 covers stops between Library and Jewellery Quarter, Zone 2 covers stops between Jewellery Quarter and Black Lake, Zone 3 covers stops between Black Lake and Priestfield and Zone 4 covers stops between Priestfield and Wolverhampton St George’s. Tickets are only valid for travel to stops within the zone stated, travel beyond the zone boundary will result in a penalty fare being issued.

  • Any journey using a single ticket purchased for travel on West Midlands Metro must be completed within 90 minutes of the ticket purchase.
  • Day tickets are valid for unlimited journeys within the zones stated until the end of service on the day of purchase.
  • Tickets classed as ‘off-peak’ are only valid for purchase after 9.30am on Monday to Friday but at any time on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays.
  • Child tickets are available to children aged between 5-15 years inclusive.

Adults are aged 16 and over.  

  • Family tickets are valid for up to six people. At least one but no more than two must be adults aged 16 and over. Each family group must contain at least one adult and one child. Off-peak for family tickets is after 18:00 Mon-Fri and any time on Saturday, Sunday, and bank holidays.
  • Student product holders must be aged 16 or over and in full time education studying at a recognised educational establishment for at least 12 hours per week.   Holders must be in full time education for at least 12 weeks after the start date of a one term product or until at least the end date of a Summer Special product or the 1st June of the academic year for a two term or three term product. Failure to meet this criteria will result in the product being withdrawn without remuneration of any remaining product validity.
  • A smart product on a Swift card is to be produced on a valid Swift photocard and read on every journey. If not so produced, ordinary fares must be paid that are not refundable. Swift Cards that do not read or do not have a valid ticket will not be accepted and a charge for the journey will be applicable.
  • All tickets will be rendered invalid if altered, mutilated or defaced.

9.0    Mobile tickets on the MyMetro app

9.1      Some tickets are available to purchase via the West Midland Metro Mobile Application (“The App”), which is valid on Mobile Device operating systems running either Android or IOS. Compatibility is not guaranteed on other operating systems.

 9.2     It is your responsibility to ensure that you carry your Mobile Device on the relevant journey and that your Mobile Device is charged, functional, displaying the correct date and time and that you are able to display the ticket on your Mobile Device for inspection when you travel. Mobile tickets must be activated from within the Mobile Application before boarding the tram in order to validate the Mobile ticket. The Mobile Device must be capable of running the Mobile Application and clearly presenting the Mobile ticket in a legible manner.

9.3   By purchasing a Mobile Ticket, you agree to cooperate with the conductor and let him/her clearly view the ticket on your Mobile Device. If you do not produce your ticket upon request by the conductor, they shall be entitled to consider that you are travelling without a ticket and charge you accordingly.

9.4      We reserve the right to refuse travel on invalid Mobile tickets or if used on a stolen phone. The Mobile tickets are not transferable and may only be used by the registered phone user, Mobile tickets do not give you priority over other passengers.

9.5    If you are found to be using the MyMetro app fraudulently we reserve the right to terminate your account, and no refunds will be offered for outstanding tickets. Examples of fraudulent use include, but is not limited to: Multiple logins on the same account, screen grabs of tickets, Gifs to simulate ticket validity, failure to activate tickets

9.6      To protect against ticketing fraud your My Metro app account will be linked to your mobile device. You will be able to change the registered device automatically once every 30 days, with any subsequent changes within this time period needing to be escalated to customerservices@westmidlandsmetro.com who will review these requests on a case by case basis.

9.7  The Mobile tickets are not transferable and may only be used by the registered phone user. Mobile tickets do not give you priority over other passengers.

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