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Dogs on Tram

Dogs on trams update

Dogs on Tram

Well-behaved pet dogs will continue to be allowed on trams in the West Midlands until a final decision is made on changes to rules covering the carriage of pets on board.

The three-month trial comes to an end on Wednesday 15th November 2023, and the operator of West Midlands Metro is keen to ensure everyone has had a chance to submit their feedback before any permanent policy is introduced.
Dog on tram updates
Dog on tram updates
Anthony Stanley, Metro’s Head of Quality Health Safety and Environment, explained: “While the trial has gone well, with plenty of opinions received from customers, it’s vital we take the wide range of views received into account before reaching our conclusions. “It’s expected to take a few weeks to consider all the comments we’ve received, and we’re in a position to make an informed decision on the best way forward. Until then, well-behaved dogs will continue to be welcomed on board our trams.” For more information and frequently asked questions about the trial click here. 

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