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A picture of the model of trams and buses

Modern Metro supports tramway heritage event

A picture of the model of trams and buses
A close-up picture of a tram model

The old and new have been brought together as part of a unique exhibition highlighting the history of trams in the West Midlands last month.

To mark the 70th anniversary of the last ‘historic’ tram in the region, the event at Acocks Green Library also featured exhibits donated by the operator of today’s, ‘modern’ system.

Several stunning displays of vintage-scale model trams formed the centrepiece of the day. The event also highlighted an original tram memorabilia, some local historical artwork and family craft activities.

In contrast, visitors were able to find out more about the region’s expanding ‘second generation’ tramway and take away merchandise, including miniature trams, pens and other goodies, donated by West Midlands Metro.

A close up picture of the model tram
Tramway Heritage event close-up picture of a model tram

Michael Reading-Skilton, Metro Commercial Manager, commented: “When we heard about this fascinating exhibition, we were really keen to get involved.

“Trams have played such an important part in the history of the area, and today tens of thousands of people once again rely on them for both work and pleasure.

“As well as celebrating our rich tramway heritage, the exhibition has provided an ideal opportunity to reflect on how much has changed over the past seven decades, and the wealth of opportunities that will be unlocked as the Metro continues to grow over the next few years.”

Abby Murphy, the Assistant Library Manager from Acocks Green Library, commented: What a wonderful way to celebrate Birmingham’s long and current history of our tram networks. The city continues to love this method of travel.

A picture of a photo book and other pictures of the history of trams
Tramway heritage event parts of the model tram as well as books

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