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Metro fares to change in 2024

A review of ticket prices on West Midland Metro will see ticket prices changing for the first time since June 2022.

Fares were frozen in 2023 to help Metro customers during the cost-of-living crisis, and the network remains committed to offering affordable travel to the thousands of people who rely on it every day.

From January 2, 2024, fares are set to rise by an average of around five percent, well below the rate of inflation, and our range of value-for-money ticket options will remain in place to help tram users enjoy savings on their regular trips.

Michael Reading-Skilton, Metro’s Head of Commercial, explained: “While other transport operators have significantly increased fares in recent years, we reduced some of ours, and implemented a ‘fares freeze in 2023. This has made a real difference to our customers while boosting the popularity of the tram network.

“As we gear up for further expansion customers will see an increase in service frequency and the number of trams in the fleet. This fare review supports our continued commitment to provide and deliver a reliable and sustainable service that offers one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel in the region.”

From the New Year, an adult Zone 1 day ticket, which covers Birmingham city centre, is set to increase by just 20p to £3.20 before 09:30. In other zones, the cost of a day ticket will rise by just 10p to £3. An ‘all zones’ weekly ticket will cost £25.30, an increase of £1.20 over the 2023 price.

“Our extensive range of multi-day, weekly and monthly passes continue to provide additional flexibility and great savings for regular customers, and the full range of options, together with details of the new prices, can be found on our website,” Michael added.

View some of our popular Metro-only ticket options below:

ZonesAdult DayAdult Day Off-PeakAdult 1 WeekAdult 4 Week
1 – 4£6.50£6.70£5.00£5.00*£24.10£25.30£82.60£86.70


ZonesChild DayChild Day Off-PeakFamily Day ZoneStudent 4 Week
1 – 4£3.30£3.30*£2.50£2.50*from £7.50 from £8.00£58.00£60.90


Zones3 Day 4 DayFlex & SaveMonthly
1 – 4£16.00£16.80£20.80£21.80£51.00£53.60£78.60£82.10

*no price change.


A full list of the new fares – including nBus and NXWM combination tickets – can be found here.

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