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Tram extension boost for locals and visitors.

West Midlands Metro customers will soon be able to enjoy seamless connections between trams, trains and buses with the launch of our new stops in Wolverhampton.

Connecting the existing network at The Royal to the main railway station at Wolverhampton Station, the extension will also serve Pipers Row for the bus station when it opens on Sunday 17th September 2023.

Following thorough testing and driver familiarisation on the new line, its official launch will mark another milestone for the growing Metro system and another major boost for the thousands of people who rely on it every day for business or leisure.

Sophie Allison, Interim Managing Director of West Midlands Metro, explained: “With two new stops and services up to every 10 minutes, this latest extension to our tram network is set to deliver a wealth of benefits for both new and existing customers.

“Visitors from outside the area by bus or train can simply hop on a tram for onward travel to some of the region’s top cultural and sports venues, while local communities will benefit from an even better-connected transport network. We can’t wait to welcome them aboard our trams.”

The driver training programme followed the handover of the new line to the operator by the Midland Metro Alliance, which is responsible for the design and construction of the tramway extensions, on behalf of Transport for West Midlands.

When the tramway opens, it will serve the new stops at Pipers Row and Wolverhampton Station only. During this time, the team from Midland Metro Alliance will be completing systems integration activities and street scene improvements in the vicinity of the current terminus at Wolverhampton St. George’s which will then allow for two termini operation later this autumn.

“Whether customers are travelling into Wolverhampton for work, shopping, a night out, or just to visit friends, the completion of this latest phase of the network expansion will make getting there by tram more convenient than ever, especially if they are planning onward travel to elsewhere in the region or beyond,” Sophie said.

“With a host of flexible and affordable ticket options available, taking the tram also offers excellent value for money for both visitors and local residents,” she added.

From Sunday, trams will run every 10 minutes across the expanded network.

For more information click to view Timetables,  Fare information and visit our Twitter page.

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